Noble Colorado

Working together with Colorado to ensure we have the energy we need, the economy we want, and the environment we value.

By helping school districts replace old school buses with new ones that run on clean-burning compressed natural gas (CNG), we are reducing carbon monoxide and other emissions, while saving our schools millions of dollars.


Energy We Need

Our Commitment: Working together every day to provide Colorado with the energy it needs and deserves safely and responsibly. Oil and natural gas plays a vital role in our everyday lives and now, more than ever, our country needs affordable energy resources. It is our goal to deliver this to you.

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Economy We Want

Our Commitment: Making social investments that create value for stakeholders on a sustainable basis and are consistent with our business objectives. Energy development is transforming the economy in Colorado. Not only are we able to provide jobs and support local business, we are committed to improving Colorado’s communities through initiatives focused on education, environment and health.

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Environment We Value

Our Commitment: Reducing our impact on the environment by developing and applying best-practice technologies. In 2015, we made significant headway in reducing our greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, expanded our habitat restoration activities, and improved our management of impacts on water resources.

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Your Commitment

We have shared our commitment to Colorado with you. We are dedicated to bringing you the energy you need and deserve, safely and responsibly. If you are in favor of energy development in Colorado that is environmentally responsible, supports local job growth, and helps build a stronger economy, then show your support here. #CommitToColoradoEnergy.